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Records Correction

How does the process work?

Along with the Application for Correction of Military Record, DD Form 149, you are allowed to submit a written “brief” to the Board for Correction of Military (or Naval) Records, explaining who you believe a records correction is warranted. Mr. Cassara will usually file a written submission, along with any supporting documents that justify the […]

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How do I apply for a correction of my military record?

The first step is to get copies of all of your military records. To get a copy of your military records, complete the SF-180, Request Pertaining to Military Records, (Fillable SF 180). You can go to this link, type in the information while the form is on screen in your browser, and then print out […]

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What are the Boards for Correction of Military Records?

Each service has a Board for Correction of Military (or Naval) Records. These are civilian boards, operating under the authority of the service secretary. They are empowered to correct nearly any error in a current or former service member’s record, including being passed over for promotion, appealing and adverse OER/NCOER, appealing a letter of reprimand, […]

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