Applying for a discharge upgrade…is it really worth my time?

Short answer.  Yes.  If you were administratively discharged within the last 15 years and you believe you are entitled to a discharge upgrade, it is absolutely worth your time and money to apply for an upgrade.  Back when you were given a negative discharge, it is likely that you could not have done anything to change your commander’s mind.  You may have even felt that your commander had it out for you and that nothing you could say or do would change their negative opinion of you.  Well, the discharge review board gives you a unique opportunity to get a fresh look at whether you were treated fairly.  This panel will thoroughly review your case and make an unbiased determination as to whether or not you deserve to have your discharge characterization upgraded.  They will look at the circumstances surrounding your discharge as well as what you have done with your life since your discharge.  This panel is made up of professionals who do not “have it out for you.”  They are objective and if they feel like you were done wrong, they have the ability to fix it.  The best part is that they cannot downgrade your discharge.  So, honestly, you cannot lose.  If your negative discharge has been weighing heavily on your mind, keeping you from reaching your full potential or causing you to not receive the benefits you feel you are entitled, my advice is that you stop wondering what could happenand do something about it.  Call me for a free consultation today.  I have a lot of experience in this area and I will give my honest assessment.  It is worth your time.