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Frequently, the need to go to trial can be avoided through aggressive representation at the pretrial stage. Mr. Cassara has represented numerous service members who were pending trial, and succeeded in frequently having the charges either dismissed or disposed of at a lower level. The fact one has had charges brought against them does not mean a court-martial must occur. If you are pending charges, or charges have been brought against you, it may be in your best interests to contact a Georgia military investigation attorney now, instead of waiting until the situation gets worse.Our founding attorney, William E. Cassara has significant experience in military justice matters. You should not wait until your commander has taken action against you to contact an attorney. Mr. Cassara has succeeded in getting serious allegations of misconduct dismissed before an investigation started, or before charges were brought against the service member.

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You may also be facing Article 15/nonjudicial punishment and need to decide if you should "accept" punishment by Article 15 or demand trial by court-martial. This decision is one that has many implications and can determine the future of your military career. Given the gravity of this decision, you need an experienced military law attorney on your side. The military will schedule you an appointment with a JAG attorney, but they are frequently overburdened and cannot take the time to fully analyze your case. In many cases, the imposition of NJP is the first step in adverse action the command will take to separate you from the service, possible with a discharge characterized as under "Other than Honorable Conditions." Our office will provide legal advice to anyone who is facing nonjudicial punishment action. We will assist in gathering the facts necessary to make an informed decision whether to accept or refuse NJP and if you elect to accept NJP, we will assist you in preparing your appeal as well as a rebuttal to a letter of reprimand if imposed.

Why You Need A Civilian Military Attorney

Remember the prosecution has nearly unlimited resources to use against you. They believe you are guilty. That is why they are prosecuting you. They want you in jail and out of the military. Your military defense counsel simply does not have the resources the prosecution does. They have investigators, police, paralegals and usually several attorneys working to prove you guilty. You need the best defense you can get. While the prosecution office is usually full of experienced attorneys the same is not always true of the defense office. They are also terribly overworked, and have to handle a number of other cases and responsibilities. You have too much at stake not to put together the best defense team possible. CID/OSI/NIS will stop at nothing to get you to make a statement implicating yourself. They are allowed to lie, and will frequently tell you things just to get you to make a statement. Don't be fooled. Ask for a lawyer, and then call our office.

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If you have further questions regarding military law or defense, contact William E. Cassara, PC. We provide representation to clients throughout Georgia and nationwide in a wide range of matters. We can be reached by phone at 800-511-9293 or through our easy online contact form to schedule a free consultation.


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