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Military Clemency and Parole Cases


At the Military law office of William Cassara, we have extensive experience in representing members of all the military services who are pending clemency and parole hearings.  If you or your loved one has been convicted at a court-martial, they are entitled to review by the Clemency and Parole Board of their particular service.  The rules for each service vary and, more importantly, are different from their civilian counterparts. Many lawyers have experience with civilian clemency and parole hearings but have never done a military case.  They are drastically different.

There are numerous factors that the Boards consider when determining whether to grant clemency or parole to someone who has been convicted at court-martial. These can include the nature of their crime, the amount of time they have spent in confinement, job and school opportunities that await them upon release and their behavior in confinement, among others.  As a general rule, a service member who has been convicted at court-martial is eligible for parole after having served one third of their sentence, and is eligible for clemency every year.  Clemency means a reduction in their sentence, while parole means early release from confinement.  While the two are related, they are also very different.  If you or your loved one is pending a clemency or parole hearing, you need an experienced military law attorney who knows the system.