Can you afford an experienced military lawyer for your court-martial?

A court-martial conviction has serious consequences.  Courts-martial are federal courts, so any conviction is a federal conviction.  Unlike the civilian court systems, the military does not differentiate between misdemeanors and felonies. From the potential inability to own a firearm to the loss of Department of Veterans Affairs benefits and possible sex offender registration, not to mention the various financial damages (including loss of income if you are incarcerated) that most will face, the consequences are indeed serious.  Few people can afford to NOT hire an experienced court martial lawyer to represent them in their court-martial.

Too often, I hear potential clients claim that they “cannot afford a civilian lawyer.” While in some cases this is true, most people can afford to hire a quality civilian defense attorney to represent them in their court-martial.  If ever there is a time to “call in favors” from friends and family, this is it.  Most military members have stable incomes, credit cards, and/or family and friends from whom they can borrow the resources needed to secure legal representation. When everything is on the line, this may be the best money you ever spend.

The bottom line is that when you face a possible court-martial, you need an experienced court-martial lawyer. The military will appoint you a military lawyer.  You should strongly consider hiring a civilian with military law experience as well. You need an experienced military lawyer capable of seeing you through your court-martial. While hiring a military lawyer does not guarantee a particular outcome, you are likely giving yourself the best chance of success – and this can usually make all the difference. I have successfully represented clients facing courts-martial all over the world for over two decades and stand ready to help you with your court-martial. If you need a court-martial attorney call toll-free at (888) 288-3347 for a free consultation.

William E. Cassara- Military Law Attorney

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