Testing Positive for Illegal Drugs – Your Options

In the military, testing positive for illegal drugs on a blood test or urinalysis – including steroids, Ephedra, HGH, and other drugs with performance-enhancing characteristics – is a serious offense that will likely lead to a court-martial and result in a negative service characterization. A federal conviction and jail time are also possible outcomes of testing positive for drugs during military service.

If you face a court-martial, non-judicial punishment, or administrative proceeding because of military drug or DUI charges, you must understand that your reputation, career, military and VA benefits, and freedom are in jeopardy.

However, a positive drug test doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve without recourse. Even if you have tested positive on a urinalysis or blood test, do not give up hope. Lab results have been wrong before and will continue to be wrong into the future. Military drug charges are sometimes based on a false-positive urinalysis test or the testimony of a witness who may have doubts or questionable motives.

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