The Discharge Review Board – A Brief Look – Part One

The Discharge Review Board (DRB) is limited insofar as it can only upgrade discharges and/or change the reason behind a discharge. The Air Force Discharge Review Board and Army Discharge Review Boards will change RE Codes, while the Navy Discharge Review Boards will not.  The Discharge Review Boards cannot make any other changes to the content of military personnel records.

Discharges can be upgraded in the following ways:

•                A General discharge can be upgraded to an Honorable discharge;

•                An Other Than Honorable discharge can be upgraded to a General or Honorable discharge;

•                A Bad Conduct Discharge resulting from a Special Court-Martial can be upgraded to an Honorable, General, or Other Than Honorable discharge; and

•                An Other Than Honorable discharge received while in entry level status can also be upgraded to an uncharacterized discharge.

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