Your Rights When Facing a Court-Martial – Part II

Trickery and deception by law enforcement is an ongoing part of the investigative techniques they employ. How to deceive suspects into giving information that can be used against them in a court-martial is a part of their training. Deception by law enforcement is permitted by law and has been approved by the U.S. Supreme Court as legitimate investigative techniques. However, you will be prosecuted if you lie to law enforcement. The best course of action is to say nothing. If you are facing a court-martial, it is important to know your rights.

If you want an attorney or to remain silent you must explicitly state: “I want a lawyer” and “I will not speak and I exercise my right to silence.” Unfortunately, law doesn’t mimic real life and the law is such that any other discussion of rights may be  “ambiguous” and the investigators may not have to stop their questioning.

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