Denver Post | July 28 2005 CIA officials used a sledgehammer handle to beat various prisoners in Iraq, and one official, whose name is classified, would often brag about his abuse of prisoners, according to testimony in a closed session of a military hearing. The transcript, obtained this week by The Denver Post under a … Read more

Common by Russ Bynum FORT STEWART, Georgia — Sgt. Kevin Benderman turned his back on war, but he insists he never deserted the Army whose uniform he continues to wear six months after refusing to deploy to Iraq for a second tour. Army mechanic Sgt. Kevin Benderman, right, and his attorney Bill Cassara walk … Read more

By Eric Ruder June 10, 2005 SGT. KEVIN Benderman will again face a general court-martial, but the investigating officer has recommended that the Army dismiss some of the charges against him. Last month, as the Army was set to begin Benderman’s trial, a military judge ruled that a previous investigating officer had been biased against … Read more

Ft. Stewart, Georgia  May 14, 2006 By Mike Ferner The court martial of Army Sgt. Kevin Benderman for refusing to deploy to Iraq with the Third Infantry Division has taken two dramatic turns before it has begun. On Wednesday, in the no-frills courtroom here at this sprawling Army post near Savannah, Col. Stephen Henley … Read more

Fort Carson, Colorado May 11, 2005 The Denver Post By Arthur Kane, Denver Post Staff Writer A May report obtained by The Post recommends that one GI be given immunity to testify against two others in the case. A hearing officer has recommended a reduction in charges for one Fort Carson soldier accused of murder in … Read more

Fort Carson, Colorado May 1, 2005 The Denver Post By Arthur Kane and Miles Moffeit, Denver Post Staff Writers Soldier accused of smothering Iraqi says he was following orders. “I am not a murderer. I did not torture anyone,” Colorado Springs attorney Frank Spinner read from a statement by Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer. “I used … Read more

Army Times December 16, 2002 By Tranette Ledford Samples, once solely used for identifying dead, now can be used in crime investigations The military’s database of DNA samples from all service members, created to positively identify wartime casualties, has been opened up to law-enforcement agencies for crime investigations. The new law, a single paragraph in … Read more

Insight Investigative Report May 13, 2001 By Kelly Patricia O’Meara The strange case of a Marine convicted of murder has critics of the Uniform Code of Military Justice calling for a review of a system with a 98 percent conviction rate. I don’t ask you to believe a word I say. I would prefer that … Read more