Gainesville, GA Military Veteran with Restored Respect Patriotic, bright and brave, Nicolas came from a military family and signed up after 9/11. However, after many harrowing and horrible experiences, especially in Iraq, his solid base of sensitivities became shaken. His best friend was killed in front of him in battle. When he was returned to … Read more

Answers slow in coming in challenges to public official’s military service record Mike Sleeper was hosting trivia night at an Augusta-area restaurant recently when the subject of the Columbia County Board of Education came up. A Georgia Southern University student in the group piped up, innocently but obliviously: “Hey – aren’t they the ones with … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented a US Army Reserve Major who faced charges for  fraternization, adultery and conduct unbecoming an officer resulting from a relationship with a subordinate. Click here to read the full story.

A Reuters News article quoting Mr. Cassara.  Click here to read the article.

Cuts, cuts and more cuts.  No matter what your position is within the Department of Defense, the question looms…how will the sequestration affect me personally?  Unless legislation is passed to “undo” the Budget Control Act, on Friday, March 1st, President Obama will be required to issue a sequestration order.  Sequestration will generate automatic cuts for … Read more

Sometimes military prosecutors charge Soldiers with making a “false official statement” in violation of Article 107 of the U.C.M.J. anytime they feel like they want to bulk up the charge sheet.  However, a lie does NOT amount to a false official statement, unless it is actually “official.”  This is true even if the lie was … Read more

By Michael Doyle | McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON Timothy L. Merritt is waiting for final justice from the Air Force he once served. The former master sergeant is only one of dozens of convicted airmen and officers remain who are stuck in legal limbo, as the seemingly overwhelmed Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals struggles with mixed … Read more

Army Times October 24, 2012 By Joe Gould – Staff writer A former Kansas soldier entered into a sham marriage so he could get more pay and benefits, and make his Jamaican bride a legal immigrant. * * * U.S. District Judge Monti Belot said Priest had a “higher responsibility” than others since he had taken an … Read more

The Augusta Chronicle By Kyle Martin, Staff writer Crime and misconduct are growing symptoms of U.S. armed forces dealing with the strain of deployments and a decade of war, said an Augusta lawyer who practices military law. Also of concern are behavioral issues tied to post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries, William Cassara said. … Read more

CW4 Scott Godwin faced court-martial on charges of violating a lawful order, unlawfully apprehending and arresting a civilian and depriving the individual of his rights under the color of the law in the March 24, 2011, arrest of Vincent Sandifer. . . . Defense attorney Bill Cassara, however, argued that Sandifer was not credible and … Read more