Court-Martial Penalties for Violent Crime Convictions

Military prosecutors work hard to ensure that service members charged with gang related or other violent crimes face the full force of the Uniform Code of Military Justice following a court-martial conviction. In fact, it is not uncommon for a dozen law enforcement agents to work on one case. During the court-martial, the government typically calls expert witnesses in ballistics, DNA, fingerprint identification, blood splatter analysis, and other high tech areas to help put service members behind bars. Your court-martial defense attorney should have a detailed knowledge of the evidence and science that may be used against you at the court-martial. What some might at first glance see as convincing evidence may be what proves the service member’s innocence. As an experienced military attorney, William Cassara will analyze the prosecutor’s evidence, offer expert advice, and aggressively attack the prosecutor’s evidence in a court-martial.

CID, AFOSI, and NCIS will often attempt to use scare tactics against you. One of the ways in which they do this is by discussing the most severe violent offenses possible, regardless of the evidence. You need to be able to fight fire with fire.  In a recent case a government expert testified that a sweater worn by an alleged victim of a shooting had a bullet hole in it.  Mr. Cassara used his knowledge of forensics and obtained (at government expense) an expert who testified that the hole was not from a bullet and was likely man-made.  This enabled Mr. Cassara to argue that the alleged victim was attempting to frame his client, and the soldier was acquitted of all charges. In another case a woman claimed that her ex-boyfriend had threatened her by e-mail.  By using a computer forensic analysis, Mr. Cassara was able to show that the woman had “hacked” the airman’s e-mail account and sent the threats to herself.

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