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Former Army prosecutor and defense counsel. Over 20 years of civilian military law experience. Experienced and aggressive military attorney representing members of all military services. Call Mr. Cassara at 888-288-3347 to discuss your case. You will not speak to a legal assistant or paralegal. If Mr. Cassara is not in, he will return your call and you will speak directly with him.

Mr. Cassara served six years on active duty in the Army JAG Corps and 16 years in the Army JAG Corps reserves. He served as a prosecutor, defense counsel and as appellate defense counsel. For more than 20 years, Mr. Cassara has represented service members of all military branches in courts-martial, appeals of court-martial convictions, military discharge upgrades, administrative separations, security clearance matters, records correction, and all other areas of military law. While his background is with the Army, he has appeared in Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard courts. He is intimately familiar with all the service branches, and the subtle differences from one branch to another. While all courts-martial are governed by the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, there are differences between how each branch operates at court-martial. Mr. Cassara knows those differences. In addition, he has appeared before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals and the Coast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals. In other words, he has represented members of all services on appeal of court-martial convictions.

He has represented service members all over the world including, but not limited to:

  • Germany
  • Fort Gordon, Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, Fort Jackson, Fort Sill, Fort Bliss, Fort Campbell and many others.
  • Jacksonville and Mayport Navy Stations, Charleston Navy base, Washington Navy Yard and many others
  • Shaw AFB, Barksdale AFB, Patrick AFB, Luke AFB and many others
  • Coast Guard Districts of Miami, San Diego, DC and many others

When the US military is against you, you’re in deep trouble. Don’t wait until it is too late to contact Mr. Cassara. In many cases, we are able to stop the process before it even gets started. Before you make any statements, make sure you speak to an experienced military attorney or call Mr. Cassara at 1-888-288-3347 for a free consultation.

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