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If you are suspected of committing a crime in the military, or if you find out you are under investigation, the following information may be the key to your freedom.

1. Do not think you can simply “explain what happened” or “talk you way out of it.” The military employs investigators who are experienced in making people talk, and even making innocent people confess to crimes they did not commit. It is rare thing when talking to the authorities is a good idea. Do not speak to your command or to military investigators until you speak to an experienced military law attorney.

2. Say the following “I don’t want to say anything. I want a lawyer.” Then call Mr. Cassara for a free consultation.

3. Do not speak to family or friends about your case until you have spoken to a lawyer.

If you have already made a statement to your command or to investigators, don’t give up. Bill Cassara has obtained acquittals in cases where his client confessed to the crime. But don’t speak to them again, and don’t try to “clear things up” without speaking to Mr. Cassara first.

Mr. Cassara is a former Army prosecutor and defense counsel and has over 20 years of civilian military law experience. He is an experienced and aggressive military attorney repsenting members of all military services. Call Mr. Cassara at 888-288-3347 to discuss your case. You will not speak to a legal assistant or paralegal. If he is not in, he will return your call and you will speak directly with Mr. Cassara.

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