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Marine’s Discharge Upgraded to Honorable After Application to Naval Discharge Review Board

In 2017, a Lance Corporal who had been administratively discharged in 2012 submitted an application to the Naval Discharge Review Board requesting an upgraded characterization of service. The Marine had served three years and nine months of his four-year enlistment when he was diagnosed with a mental health condition that caused chronic depression. He was administratively discharged for a Condition, Not a Disability with a General (Under Honorable Conditions) characterization of his service.

In his application, the Lance Corporal claimed that his discharge should be upgraded to an Honorable discharge on the basis of the PTSD he suffered as a result of a combat deployment in 2012. In its decision in October of 2018, the Board did not find that the information provided concerning the PTSD diagnosis or symptoms warranted upgrading the characterization.

However, the Board reexamined his entire record and found that other than the impacts of his medical condition on his military performance, the Marine had no significant negative problems in his conduct or performance. He had no documented misconduct and had average proficiency and conduct ratings of 4.2/4.3. Based upon his record of service and the reason for his discharge, the Naval Discharge Review Board upgraded the Lance Corporal’s characterization of service from General to Honorable.

If you were discharged from the service with a characterization of service lower than Honorable, you may be able to petition your service’s discharge review board for an upgrade. The boards consider many factors and so the way the application is written and the evidence that accompanies it is very important to the outcome.

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