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Marine's OTH Discharge upgraded to Honorable

A Marine reservist was discharged with an Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge for allegedly not attending weekend drills.  The Marine had petitioned the Navy Discharge Review Board for an upgrade but was denied after a “records review.”  Then he hired Mr. Cassara.

Mr. Cassara filed an extensive brief with the Navy Discharge Review Board and included evidence showing that the Marine had been placed on the Temporary Not Physically Qualified (TNPQ) list and told not to drill.  We also got letters from his doctor showing he had been in touch with the command.  We appeared before the Board in person in DC.  By showing that the Marine had a legitimate reason for not being at drill, Mr. Cassara convinced the Navy Discharge Review Board to upgrade the Marine’s discharge from OTH to Honorable and to change his narrative reason for discharge from misconduct to Secretarial Authority.

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