William E. Cassara, PC, just obtained expungement from national databases of a military law enforcement (MLE) record that unjustly implied a U.S. Navy sailor had committed a sexual offense aboard ship in 2021.  The expungement of this harmful and misleading record was achieved by showing the facts of the case and by invoking a recent change … Read more

We are pleased to call attention to a recent decision out of Fort Gordon concerning a young officer accused of sexual misconduct.  Our client, a student at the Signal Basic Officer Leadership Course, was to be given a General Officer (GO) Article 15 for abusive sexual contact as well as other inappropriate behavior.  In addition … Read more

Navy Criminal Appeals

We successfully represented a Sailor who was illegally separated from the Navy. Despite having more than 18 years of service, the Navy denied him reenlistment and discharged him without a separation proceeding. He had previously petitioned the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) without success. We filed a complaint in the Court of Federal … Read more

Article 15

We are thrilled to announce that the Army Court reversed our client’s convictions for two specifications of premeditated murder.  Our client did not pull the trigger, but the law considers an aider and abettor to be as guilty as the person who actually perpetrated the crime.  Our client, a junior Soldier, got a phone call … Read more

The firm of William E. Cassara successfully represented an Army Officer before the Department of Defense Consolidated Adjudications Facility resulting in having his clearance restored.  Among the allegations the Officer faced was that he had  mishandled protected information and had misused information technology systems by exceeding his authorized access on classified systems. Part of his … Read more

We recently successfully petitioned the Board for Correction of Navy Records on behalf of an enlisted Marine to upgrade an Other than Honorable discharge to General, Under Honorable Conditions.  The Marine had undiagnosed PTSD that contributed to his marijuana use.  The BCNR agreed that the PTSD was a mitigating factor in the misconduct, and voted … Read more

William E. Cassara, Military Law Attorney

We are thrilled to report that the Army Court of Criminal Appeals set aside and dismissed our client’s convictions for two specifications of sexual assault.  We argued that the military judge improperly created the appearance of bias in favor of the government because of her inappropriate conduct toward our client’s trial defense counsel.  The military … Read more

Our firm recently represented an Army officer who had been assigned to lead a Civil Affairs detachment in Ethiopia in 2009. He served admirably there, establishing relationships with local leaders and fostering cooperation with the local population that led to the collection of substantive intelligence in the area. At the end of the deployment, a … Read more


We are thrilled to report that the Army Board for Corrections of Military Records (ABCMR) upgraded a former Army private’s Other Than Honorable Discharge from 1984!  Our client endured a lot of racism during his short enlistment in the Army.  One day, he borrowed a VCR from the breakroom, as it was customary to do … Read more