April 2024 Recent Accomplishments

Here’s a few quick hits on recent accomplishments from the firm:

Assisted servicemember in having her name removed from the subject title block of a CID investigation for a failed urinalysis.  Servicemember mistakenly was given a controlled substance by a family member for pain, which resulted in a failed test.  After advocating at both CID and the ABCMR, our client’s name was cleared from the CID records as a subject, removing her name from future criminal records searches.

Secured repayment of over $70k in travel voucher back pay for a Marine who was caught up in a unit wide investigation into travel fraud.  Servicemember had all travel vouchers recouped for over a two year period, and after petitioning the Board, had all but two months returned to the Marine.  

Successfully assisted a senior officer in having a relief for cause OER set aside due to an improper investigation and improper rating chain.  Said officer was also removed from advanced training due to the negative review.  Our client’s relief for cause was removed as improper, and he was able to successfully attend advanced training which will put him in a position for advanced assignments and promotion.

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