Military Defense Attorney Bill Cassara outwits the CID – Wins Acquittal for GI After Catching Agent in a Flat-Out Lie

If it weren’t for a smart military defense attorney, an innocent soldier might have ended up in the Leavenworth DB on a phony “rape” charge.

But civilian lawyer William Cassara (1-800-288-3347) out-smarted the CID when he caught one of their agents in a flat-out lie and detected many inconsistencies in the claims of a young soldier’s female accuser.

As a result, the GI was acquitted and spared a life-destroying prison sentence for something he didn’t do. However, the unprofessional conduct by the CID unfortunately went unpunished.


“This young soldier was in AIT,” Cassara told “He was a stellar performer and his chain-of-command loved him. One night, he and a bunch of his buddies went off base drinking.”

A female AIT student tagged along, and – according to everyone – was “flirting like crazy” with the young GI. At one point, in front of witnesses, she announced she would like to “do him.” Everybody had been drinking, including the female. Eventually, as the evening wound on, they “hooked up” (the AIT student and galpal) and had sex.

“The next day she yells RAPE,” Cassara said. “But everyone else who was there said the sex was absolutely consensual. Of course, the politically-correct CID believed the female soldier and hauled the male private out of his bunk at 2200 hours, interrogating him non-stop until past dawn.”


All of the witnesses maintained the sex was unforced, but around 0400 hours, the slick CID agents got some of them to acknowledge: “Well, our commanding officer says if she has even one drink, she’s too drunk to consent, so I guess she was.”

Now the CID went after the accused GI “full-bore,” and after the tenth hour of relentless questioning, he stammered: “OK. Maybe she was too drunk to consent.”

That was all the military cops needed to try and hang him.

The male private was directed to a Trial Defense Service (TDS) attorney and was told he had “no chance” of winning acquittal. The lazy TDS lawyer suggested the GI “take a plea” for two years in prison, which would also require him to register for the rest of his life as a convicted “sex offender.”

Then the soldier wisely contacted William Cassara, and after a two-day trial, which included testimony that the alleged “victim” bragged she regularly drank 20 shots of alcohol without “feeling the effects” of the booze, the CID’s sham case started coming undone.


“One CID agent claimed it took nine hours to question the accused because the lawman was “a slow typist,” Cassara told MCC. “We were able to produce a document that showed he typed 85 words per minute. Obviously, the guy was lying.

And the military panel that heard the case realized that, and did the right thing.”

This case is a “classic example” of what the low-life CID will do to secure a “confession,” Cassara said. “While I am happy my client won, it really ticks me off that this kid had to go through all that trauma because the CID tried illegal shortcuts.”

As for the lying female accuser, the CID claimed they didn’t want to take her statement because she was supposedly “too hung over.” Yeah, right. She wasn’t questioned because her “rape” accusation didn’t hold water.