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Your Options Following a Security Clearance Revocation

A security clearance can be the keystone to a successful career for a variety of professions. It is too important to your career and future to try to deal with a security clearance revocation on your own or with a representative lacking the knowledge and experience necessary to see the process through to a successful conclusion.

An individual that has earned a security clearance through the Department of Defense (DoD) can face security clearance revocation for a variety of reasons. Security clearance revocation can result from a cleared individual’s continued engagement with questionable activities, irrational behavior, severe financial difficulties, and/or irresponsibility in other areas.

When concerns such as these come to the attention of the DoD, officials are required to evaluate the individual to determine if their activities pose a threat to national security. While an isolated incident may not warrant security clearance revocation, and very rarely does, evidence of a pattern of behavior found to be harmful to the interests of national security may warrant a security clearance revocation.

An adjudicator with the DoD will review the individual and the questionable activities and decide if security clearance revocation is needed. If they so choose, the adjudicator is empowered to caution the individual that similar behavior in the future may result in security clearance revocation. However, if the individual’s behavior is thought to pose an unacceptable security risk, security clearance revocation may result. The individual will be given time to respond to the proposed revocation and, if the clearance is revoked, may be entitled to a hearing before an Administrative Judge to determine if the security clearance revocation should be overturned.

A security clearance revocation is likely to severely limit an individual’s ability to perform job related functions, as the individual will no longer have access to the sensitive information they need to perform their duties.

Individuals that have been subject to security clearance revocation should call William Cassara at (888) 288-3347. As an experienced attorney well-versed in security clearance guidelines, Mr. Cassara can help you appeal the security clearance revocation and show that you are not a threat to national security. You can do something about your security clearance revocation. Call today to learn more.

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