Army NCO accused of attempted murder and other charges acquitted of all charges.

Mr. Cassara represented an Army Sergeant accused at a court-martial of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, and numerous other charges arising out of a shooting in Germany. His co-accused went to trial before him and was convicted of several charges and sentenced to two years confinement and a bad-conduct discharge.

One of the main pieces of evidence against the accused was a sweater that one of the alleged victims said had a bullet hole in it. Army CID stated the hole “most likely” came from a bullet. Mr. Cassara engaged the services of an expert witness who, after a thorough examination of the sweater conclusively proved that the hole was man made, and not from a bullet. Still, there were several eye witnesses who testified that the NCO was present at the scene, and fired a weapon at them. After a three day trial the NCO was acquitted of all charges, and is still on active duty.

If you are suspected of a crime, do not make any statements to CID, NCIS, AFOSI, your command or anyone else. Say “I don’t want to say anything. I want a lawyer.” Then call Mr. Cassara for a free consultation.

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