BCMR Removes Article 15 From Officer’s Records

Our office represents a reserve Air Force officer who was subjected to a lengthy investigation concerning his travel claims. When OSI could find no evidence of crimes, the command found an administrative error and used it to charge the officer and impose punishment at an Article 15 proceeding. The officer has been subjected to several other negative administrative actions as a result and we have been fighting back on all fronts on his behalf.

Previously, we succeeded in getting a command endorsement to remove the titling action from the initial investigation and in preserving his security clearance. Now, another victory as the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records has determined that the officer was “the victim of an injustice” when Article 15 punishment was imposed. The Board found that the exhaustive application we submitted on the officer’s behalf had shown the officer did not deliberately manipulate his travel claims and that an Article 15 was harsh given the unit’s administrative practices. The records of his Article 15 has been declared void and ordered removed from his records.   

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