Obtained set aside of conviction of child sexual abuse for USAF E-7. Service member convicted of sexually abusing his daughter. Conviction affirmed by Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals. Mr. Cassara succeeded in getting that decision set aside. Decision allows service member to again appeal his conviction and to seek a new trial. United States … Read more

Mr. Cassara secured a reversal of all court-martial charges for an Army Specialist serving 25 years confinement at Fort Leavenworth. The Specialist was convicted by a Military Judge, sitting alone, at Fort Eustis, VA. After the Army Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the conviction, Mr. Cassara petitioned the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces … Read more

Obtained reversal of most serious charge and disapproval of sentence for sailor convicted at court-martial of serious drug charges and sentenced to confinement, loss of pay and loss of rank. As a result the sailor is eligible for reenlistment and will obtain back pay and entitlements that were taken from him.

Mr. Cassara obtained reversal of most serious charges for soldier convicted of child abuse. After a rehearing, soldier received an honorable discharge. United States v. Boese (Army Court Criminal Appeals, Oct 2005) (HTM)