Civilian Employee retains job Despite Misconduct

In addition to our military law work, we also represent civilian employees of the military in disciplinary actions. We have been representing a former first sergeant who is a civilian Army employee. He has a tremendous track record and, according to his supervisor “is one of the two best employees I have ever worked with, civilian or military.” He was recently notified of his proposed removal from the federal service for padding expense vouchers. He did it. He was wrong, and he knew it. Even though we were only talking about a couple of hundred dollars, he was wrong, and he admitted as much. Well, after much negotiating with the command, they remitted the proposed termination to a two week suspension. We provided a lengthy rebuttal to the command, never denying the misconduct but explaining why he should be given a second chance, including his tremendous record as an employee. We are thrilled that the command agreed. It is a win for the client, the Army, and our firm.

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