Coast Guard Commander allowed to retire at current rate

Mr. Cassara recently represented a Coast Guard Commander who was in the process of retiring.  The Commander had two alcohol related incidents while serving as a Commander, and one Non Judicial Punishment (NJP.)  The Coast Guard notified him that he was facing retirement at the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and not Commander, a move that would have cost him tens, if not thousands of dollars over the course of his retirement.  Mr. Cassara filed a lengthy brief with the Coast Guard Retirement Grade Board, pointing out that in spite of the two incidents the Commander had done an exceptional job and received high ratings from a number of Captains.  As a result of our intervention, the Coast Guard notified him that he will be allowed to retire at his current grade.  Mr. Cassara’s expertise in military law was what pushed this case to a successful conclusion, leading his client to say “Thanks for all of your professional help on this matter. Well worth whatever you charge overall and I’ll definitely recommend you to any other shipmates that may get their butts in a crack.”

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