Mr. Cassara recently represented an Army officer who received a DWI off base.   As is standard, she received a GOMOR.  It is fairly standard that a GOMOR of this sort is filed in the officer’s permanent fiche, which is seen by promotion boards.  But Mr. Cassara was able to convince the commanding general that there … Read more

Mr. Cassara recently represented a Coast Guard Commander who was in the process of retiring.  The Commander had two alcohol related incidents while serving as a Commander, and one Non Judicial Punishment (NJP.)  The Coast Guard notified him that he was facing retirement at the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and not Commander, a move that … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented a Navy Petty Officer in Jacksonville, Florida who was charged with rape and aggravated sexual assault.  On the eve of the original trial date, Mr. Cassara learned of the existence of several pertinent medical records of the alleged victim, and the trial was delayed.  As the date for the new trial drew … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented a Lieutenant Colonel member of the National Guard who had an IG complaint substantiated against him for allegedly improperly influencing a promotion Board.  Mr. Cassara filed a detailed rebuttal to the IG Complaint. Result?  The Department of the Army Inspector General overturned the findings of the State IG and “unfounded” the allegations … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented an Air Force doctor who was facing loss of her medical privileges.  The command filed notice that they were going to revoke her medical privileges, which would not only mean the end of her military career, but would also impact her ability to earn a living outside of the military.  After she … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented a civilian DOD employee whose top secret clearance was suspended and then revoked for alleged misconduct while deployed overseas.  An AR 15-6 Investigation supported the allegations.  After Mr. Cassara filed a detailed, point by point rebuttal to the revocation of clearance, the civilian employee’s clearance was reinstated and he is now back … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented an Army Master Sergeant who was suspected of fraternization with a fellow soldier.  An investigation was conducted, and Mr. Cassara drafted a rebuttal on the soldier’s behalf.  The end result was that the allegation was not substantiated and the case was closed. This allows the soldier to continue on with his career. … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented a Command Sergeant Major who was given a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand for allegedly shipping items illegally from a deployed environment.  This action also caused the Army to propose a rank reduction, as the Army claimed he would not have been promoted if the Army knew of his alleged misconduct.  After … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented an Army Colonel whose security clearance had been suspended and was pending revocation by the U.S. Army Central Clearance Facility (CCF.)  The notice of intent to revoke his security clearance centered around his interaction with his soldiers while down range, and raised a number of serious allegations.  He knew he needed an … Read more