Mr. Cassara recently represented an Army Major at Fort Sill, OK who was charged with 68 specifications (charges) including cyber stalking, computer infiltration, larceny, fraud, extortion, fraternization, adultery and conduct unbecoming an officer.  After extensive negotiations, Mr. Cassara secured a plea agreement where his client would plead guilty to fraternization, adultery and conduct unbecoming an … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented an Army Sergeant at Shaw AFB facing numerous charges including BAH fraud, making a false official statement and fraudulently obtaining several ARCOMs. among others.   Before Mr. Cassara was retained, the soldier had submitted a request for a Chapter 10, Discharge in Lieu of Court-Martial, which was denied.  As soon as Mr. Cassara … Read more

Mr. Cassara recently represented an Army Lieutenant Colonel with 37 years of combined service who was accused of larceny of government property from downrange. The exact allegations included stealing and selling military property and conspiracy with an enlisted soldier.  Through careful negotiations and a successful trial strategy, the officer was not dismissed from the service … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented a Navy Petty Officer in Jacksonville, Florida who was charged with rape and aggravated sexual assault.  On the eve of the original trial date, Mr. Cassara learned of the existence of several pertinent medical records of the alleged victim, and the trial was delayed.  As the date for the new trial drew … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented an Army Master Sergeant (E-8) who was charged with raping one of his soldiers.  The NCO admitted to having sex with the soldier, but claimed it was consensual.  After a fully litigated Article 32 (b) hearing, the Investigating Officer not only recommended that the rape and other sexual assault charges against the … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented a Chief Warrant Officer 4 at Fort Bragg who was originally charged with kidnapping and other charges.  The soldier was a CID agent and was accused of wrongfully arresting a civilian and numerous other charges.  Although the Article 32b Investigating Officer recommended the case not go to trial, the Convening Authority referred … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented a soldier who had been diagnosed with HIV, and was charged at a general court-martial with several counts of aggravated assault for not informing his sexual partners that he was HIV positive. The soldier was also charged with violating the lawful order of his commander to inform his sexual partners he was … Read more

Mr. Cassara represented an Army NCO with over 20 years of service at Fort Stewart, Georgia who was facing a number of charges ranging from two positive urinalysis to a 60 day AWOL to distributing drugs after a “controlled buy” outside of base.   While the evidence was nearly overwhelming, Mr. Cassara successfully negotiated a … Read more

An Army officer contacted Mr. Cassara after being accused of larceny of $58,000 in BAH funds. Charges were preferred against the officer and an Article 32 (b) hearing was scheduled.  The client needed a court martial attorney and contacted Mr. Cassara.  Mr. Cassara was able to negotiate a disposition at Article 15, meaning the officer … Read more

An Army officer was suspected of conspiring with another officer to defraud the government of BAH funds.  He knew he needed an experienced court martial attorney.   After retaining Mr. Cassara, and after Mr. Cassara investigated the matter, no charges were brought against the officer. The matter is now closed and the officer will continue … Read more