Court-Martial charges dropped

Mr. Cassara represented an Army Sergeant at Shaw AFB facing numerous charges including BAH fraud, making a false official statement and fraudulently obtaining several ARCOMs. among others.   Before Mr. Cassara was retained, the soldier had submitted a request for a Chapter 10, Discharge in Lieu of Court-Martial, which was denied.  As soon as Mr. Cassara was retained, he filed several motions with the court, most of which were granted.  In doing so, he was able to demonstrate to the command and to the JAG office the incredible cost it would take to try the soldier.   After one hearing in court the command changed its mind and asked the soldier to resubmit the Chapter 10.  She did, and it was approved.   As such, the soldier avoided standing trial and avoided the very real possibility of a conviction on at least some of the charges.

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