Rape and assault charges dismissed on eve of trial

Mr. Cassara represented a Navy Petty Officer in Jacksonville, Florida who was charged with rape and aggravated sexual assault.  On the eve of the original trial date, Mr. Cassara learned of the existence of several pertinent medical records of the alleged victim, and the trial was delayed.  As the date for the new trial drew near, he reviewed all of the “new” medical records, and discovered evidence that was obviously relevant to his client’s defense.  This led to the discovery of even more medical records.  Eventually, as the new trial date approached, he convinced the prosecutors to dismiss all charges against his client.  It is often said that the best trials are those that never happen, and this case is a prime example.

This is a rare case when a client spoke to the authorities, but it did not cause significant harm to his case.  Still, if you are suspected of a criminal offense, it is never in your best interests to speak to your command, investigators or the police.  Even in this case, had the client not spoken to authorities, it is unlikely that charges would have ever been brought against him.  But even with his statement to the police, Mr. Cassara was able to secure the dismissal of all charges for his client.

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William E. Cassara- Military Law Attorney

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