Army NCO facing numerous drug charges allowed to retire.

Mr. Cassara represented an Army NCO with over 20 years of service at Fort Stewart, Georgia who was facing a number of charges ranging from two positive urinalysis to a 60 day AWOL to distributing drugs after a “controlled buy” outside of base.   While the evidence was nearly overwhelming, Mr. Cassara successfully negotiated a resolution that included no additional confinement and, most importantly, no discharge.  This will allow the NCO to retire and to be eligible for all military benefits.  If you are pending a court-martial call Mr. Cassara immediately for a free consultation to discuss your case.  If you are under investigation, do not make any statements to your command, CID, NCIS, AFOSI or anyone else without first speaking to a lawyer.  If they want to speak to you, say “I don’t want to make any statements. I want a lawyer.”  Then call Mr. Cassara.

If you  need a court martial attorney contact Mr. Cassara for a free consultation.

William E. Cassara- Military Law Attorney

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