Obtained removal of GOMOR and Adverse NCOER for Army E-8

I represented an Army Master Sergeant who received a GOMOR and adverse NCOER while downrange for alleged sexual harassment.  The case was a travesty.  His 1LT, who made false allegations against others and was dating the Battalion Commander, alleged that he hit on her.  A 15-6 Investigation concluded he had committed the acts and he received an adverse NCOER (from the same Battalion Commander) and a GOMOR from the CG.  He filed rebuttals while down range, but of course it went nowhere.  In this day and age in the Army, if you are accused of a sexual offense, you are guilty until proven innocent.

This guy was a superstar.  Made E-8 like a rocket and was headed to SGM school when this broke.  The packet in this case was hundreds of pages thick.  We went through every stinking one of the documents and pointed out the incredible lack of evidence.  Mind you, the standard for a GOMOR or NCOER is not high.  Usually the BCMR’s will not second guess these cases unless you have strong proof in your corner.  We had that proof.  We filed with the ABCMR and the DASEB.  Then we filed addendums.  Both Boards independently looked at the evidence and determined he had been shafted.

The problem is that the guy had retired because the process dragged on so long.  But because we got the paperwork removed, he actually went back in and is now a SGM.  But had this guy just taken it, he would have lost a ton of money in retirement pay.

If you have been given an adverse FITREP, GOMOR, NCOER or evaluation, contact Mr. Cassara for a free consultation.  Send him an e-mail with a copy of the negative documents in question.  We have helped numerous service members get derogatory information removed from their files.