Navy Discharge Review Board Gives Navy NCO Great Result

The Navy Discharge Review Board recently amended our client’s DD-214 to allow him to reenlist and continue his 16 year career. Our client was a Petty Officer who was administratively separated in 2017 after police were called to his home. Despite the state’s decision to drop any charges, the Navy moved forward with administrative separation. His DD-214 stated that he was discharged for misconduct and his reentry code prevented any future service. Our firm submitted an application to the Navy Discharge Review Board pointing out the many procedural errors from the administrative separation hearing and the Navy’s lack of evidence of any misconduct. As a result of our work, the Navy Discharge Review Board changed his DD-214 to reflect that his reason for separation was Secretarial Authority and changed his Reentry code to RE-1, allowing him to reenlist and complete his career in the United States Navy.

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