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Officer faults command for “kill team” crimes, recommends dropping charges against sergeant

by Adam Ashton / The News Tribune

An Army investigator today recommended that prosecutors drop serious misconduct charges against a Stryker sergeant who allegedly joined discussions about plans to murder Afghan civilians during a deployment last year. Maj. John Tincher found “no reasonable grounds” to believe that Staff Sgt. David Bram plotted to kill Afghans during his deployment with the 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division or that Bram planted evidence near the corpse of an Afghan after a shooting that his platoon captain regarded as suspicious.

* * *

Bram was among 12 soldiers in his platoon who the Army accused of war crimes and misconduct last year. At first, Bram was in the group of seven defendants who faces relatively less serious charges of misconduct.

In May, prosecutors raised the stakes against him by accusing him of scheming to murder Afghans. Five of his platoon mates have been accused of murdering three Afghans in combat scenarios they allegedly staged.

Tincher’s review followed the Army’s decision to press more charges against Bram.

His recommendation pleased Bram’s defense attorney, Bill Cassara. “It’s a very favorable report and we are hopeful (Maj. Gen. Miles) will follow the recommendation and this case will resolved at the level it should be resolved,” Cassara said, suggesting that Bram should be disciplined at a lower level for participating in an assault on one of his soldiers

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