Security Clearance Reinstated

We have been representing a member of the South Carolina Army National Guard (SCARNG) who was notified that his security clearance was suspended due to his alleged involvement in the GRAP recruiting scandal.  Years after his work as a recruiter CID interviewed all of his old recruits, and two of them did not remember my client’s name. Based on this, he was “titled” by CID for larceny and fraud.  As a result, his clearance was suspended.


We appealed the suspension to the Department of the Army Consolidated Adjudications Facility (DACAF) and presented a lengthy rebuttal on his behalf. Part of this was getting statements from the recruits in question in which they admitted that CID called them out of the blue, they couldn’t remember our client’s name but, upon reflection, remembered that he was their recruiter.  Based on the packet we put together, his clearance was completely reinstated, allowing him to retain his civilian job and his position in the SCARNG.

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