Security Clearance

We have been representing a reserve Air Force officer facing a number of negative administrative repercussions after OSI began an investigation into his travel claims. After more than a year of investigation, all OSI could show was one claim where the officer had accidentally certified travel on the wrong day. The command used this to send him to an Article 15, delay his promotion, and suspend his security clearance.

As part of our efforts on his behalf, our firm submitted a lengthy response to DODCAF concerning its intent to revoke his security clearance. The package included relevant Air Force instructions, portions of the DOD travel regulations, and affidavits from several members of his command vouching for the officer’s service, commitment to the unit, and consistent attempts to ensure the accuracy and lawfulness of his travel claims. As a result of our submission on his behalf, DODCAF found that we had sufficiently explained the issues that had led to the suspension and restored his security clearance.

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