Successful Rebuttal to Promotion Review Board and Titling Action on Behalf of Army Client!

Our firm recently represented an Army officer who had been assigned to lead a Civil Affairs detachment in Ethiopia in 2009. He served admirably there, establishing relationships with local leaders and fostering cooperation with the local population that led to the collection of substantive intelligence in the area. At the end of the deployment, a disgruntled member of the team took issue with the manner in which our client carried out his duties.  

The command investigated, bringing in an NCIS agent to gather information. The investigation was concluded, no violations of the UCMJ or any regulations were found, no disciplinary action was taken, the officer was given an end of tour award and ultimately promoted. Ten years later, after being again selected for promotion, a Promotion Review Board met to determine whether the investigation from 2009 warranted this officer’s removal from the promotion list. Surprised to learn that NCIS had created its own investigation and titled him as the subject, this officer reached out to our firm. We were able to provide a rebuttal to the Promotion Review Board that ensured the officer’s selection to the next rank would be upheld. We were also able to have him removed as the titled subject in the NCIS documentation, clearing up his record.

If you or a loved one is looking to remove negative information from your record, you need an experienced military lawyer on your side. We have over 30 years of experience in military law. Give us a call!

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