Upgrade of Marine discharge

Mr. Cassara represented a former Marine who had been discharged for use of cocaine before the Navy-Marine Corps Discharge Review Board (NDRB.)  The former Marine had been discharged with an Other Than Honorable Discharge for use of cocaine.  While the success rate of drug discharge upgrades before the NDRB is very low, Mr. Cassara put together a detailed packet and effectively argued his case before the NDRB, who agreed that the former Marine’s discharge should be upgraded to General-Under Honorable Conditions, and which allowed for the former Marine to have his rank reinstated.

If you would like to discuss your discharge with Mr. Cassara, send him an e-mail using the link on our homepage and provide the following;  The service you were in, the date, type and reason for your discharge along with either your discharge paperwork or a brief summary of why you were discharged from the military.

William E. Cassara- Military Law Attorney

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