Obtained acquittal of Army MSG charged with over $100000 BAH and per diem fraud

Mr. Cassara represented a Master Sergeant at Fort Jackson, SC who was charged with stealing over $50,000 in BAH funds and $50,000 in per diem.  He knew he needed an experienced court martial attorney and contacted Mr. Cassara.   After a fully litigated trial the soldier was acquitted of the majority of charges against him. After sentencing the soldier was sentenced to a reprimand. He did not lose any rank any pay, or serve any confinement. As a result the soldier will be allowed to retire at his current grade or continue to serve, should he so desire. Going into trial the soldier was facing over 30 years confinement and a dishonorable discharge.

UPDATE: Upon petition to the Convening Authority at Fort Jackson, the lone finding of guilty was set aside, as was the punishment.  This means the soldier was acquitted of all charges, and is allowed to resume his career.

This is one of the many cases Mr. Cassara has handled involving reservists mobilized in defense of their country who are being charged with larceny of government funds because of their receipt of housing allowances. If you need a court martial attorney contact Mr. Cassara for a free consultation..