Obtained sentence of pay forfeiture and restriction for soldier facing 20 years confinement and dishonorable discharge

Mr. Cassara represented a soldier charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of another soldier. He knew he needed an experienced court martial attorney and contacted Mr. Cassara.  Mr. Cassara succeeded in getting the charges withdrawn from a General Court-Martial and referred to a Summary Court-Martial where the most severe punishment the soldier could face is loss of pay and reduction to the grade of E-4. Mr. Cassara was able to do this despite the fact that the government originally believed his client was one of the more serious offenders of seven charged soldiers. Charges originally carried a maximum punishment of over 20 years confinement and a dishonorable discharge. (See Media page for more information.)

UPDATE: At Summary Court-Martial the soldier was ordered to forfeit pay and was restricted to post but did not lose any rank!

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William E. Cassara- Military Law Attorney

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