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Recent Accomplishments

General Discharge upgraded to Honorable

I recently represented an Army SFC (E-7) who was accused of misconduct while downrange.  He submitted a Chapter 10 discharge “in lieu of court-martial” and received a general discharge.  We petitioned the Army Discharge Review Board on his behalf. We obtained statements from numerous soldiers he had deployed with and cast doubt on the underlying […]

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Naval Officer Retroactively Promoted, Allowed to Retire

Mr. Cassara represented a Navy Lieutenant (0-3) who was passed over for promotion as a result of adverse OER’s.  As a result, the officer was separated from the Naval Reserves.  We petitioned the Board for Correction of Naval Records on the officer’s behalf, arguing that the adverse OER’s should be removed and the officer should […]

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Senior Officer Retains Retirement

Mr. Cassara recently represented an Army Lieutenant Colonel with 37 years of combined service who was accused of larceny of government property from downrange. The exact allegations included stealing and selling military property and conspiracy with an enlisted soldier.  Through careful negotiations and a successful trial strategy, the officer was not dismissed from the service […]

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Officer's GOMOR moved to restricted fiche

Mr. Cassara represented an Army officer who received a GOMOR downrange for fraternization and “creating a perception of fraternization.”  The officer had filed an appeal with the Department of the Army Suitability Evaluation Board (DASEB) and been denied.  He then retained Mr. Cassara to represent him before the Army Board for Correction of Military Records.  […]

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Army officer has adverse OER removed. Retroactively promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

Mr. Cassara recently represented an Army major who was twice passed over for promotion to lieutenant colonel due to an adverse OER.  The OER contained false information and was the sole basis for the officer being passed over for promotion.  Mr. Cassara petitioned the Army Board for Correction of Military Records on the officer’s behalf, […]

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Marine's OTH Discharge Upgraded

Mr. Cassara represented a former Marine, who had received an Other Than Honorable Discharge for Unauthorized Absence and spousal abuse.  He had been out of the Corps for nearly 15 years when he first contacted Mr.Cassara. We were able to get his petition filed with the Navy Discharge Review Board within the 15 year statutory […]

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Coast Guard Commander allowed to retire at current rate

Mr. Cassara recently represented a Coast Guard Commander who was in the process of retiring.  The Commander had two alcohol related incidents while serving as a Commander, and one Non Judicial Punishment (NJP.)  The Coast Guard notified him that he was facing retirement at the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and not Commander, a move that […]

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Rape and assault charges dismissed on eve of trial

Mr. Cassara represented a Navy Petty Officer in Jacksonville, Florida who was charged with rape and aggravated sexual assault.  On the eve of the original trial date, Mr. Cassara learned of the existence of several pertinent medical records of the alleged victim, and the trial was delayed.  As the date for the new trial drew […]

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Findings of Show Cause Board overturned

I recently represented an Army Captain who had been to a “Show Cause Board” for misconduct who recommended that he be separated with an Other Than Honorable Discharge.  The captain was allegedly involved in an adulterous relationship with another captain. However, she received an Honorable Discharge while he received an Other Than Honorable.  I provided […]

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